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Increasing commercial debt not only hurts a company financially, but also has a negative effect on morale. Usually, business owners and key personnel are forced to spend precious time dealing with creditors, shifting money and dealing with the emotional strain of an increasing company debt load rather than focusing on their business processes and growth.

Fuselier & Associates Financial are Certified Debt Negotiation Specialists that help companies reduce their debt load through negotiation. Our services provide cost efficient alternatives and debt relief for companies drowning in debt, considering bankruptcy, receiving constant harassing calls or demand letters from creditors and collectors, or those simply looking to restructure a current debt. Fuselier & Associates Financial can reduce the financial strain on your business through both debt reduction and loan modification.

Debt Reduction

Debt reduction is the act of reducing a company’s debt to a fraction of what is owed. We do this by negotiating your past due balances directly with your creditors. Debt reduction is the best option for companies that are struggling with decreasing cash flow, that usually run close to (or at) a deficit each month, and that do not have significant assets that are either paid in full or have substantial equity in them.

Loan Modification

Loan Modification is the act of restructuring a loan to make the monthly payments on the loan easier to pay. This helps to decrease the financial burden on your company from the current structure of the loan and frees up capital to apply elsewhere. We commonly use loan modification for our clients that might be experiencing a decrease in cash flow but that have substantial assets they want to keep, or for clients that are falling behind on a loan that is backed by collateral they do not want to give up.

The Fuselier and Associates Financial Process

  • Sworn Accounts
  • Notes/loans
  • Revolving credit lines
  • Account payables issues (including ones with pending lawsuits/judgments)
  • Equipment leases
  • Property leases
  • Debt with collection agencies
  • Delinquent trade payables
  • SBA Loans
  • Merchant Capital Advances
  • Both secured and unsecured debt
  • At Fuselier and Associates Financial, we help you return to running your business and achieving your goals.

    How We're Different from an Attorney

    Fuselier & Associates Financial is NOT a law firm, nor do we provide legal advice. We are Certified Debt Negotiation Specialists.

    There are certain circumstances in which you are being sued over a debt and it makes sense to hire an attorney, whether it is a bankruptcy attorney, a debt attorney, or a general attorney. For example, if you get sued over a debt that you do not owe, hiring an attorney to litigate the matter in court makes perfect sense. But many businesses are sued over debts that they do owe, and so Commercial Debt Reduction is a much more time and cost efficient way to solve the problem.

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    How We're Different from Bankruptcy

    Fuselier and Associates Financial does not handle filing for bankruptcy. We are Certified Commercial Debt Reduction Specialists and can help your company reduce debts to a fraction of the debt owed. We will put negotiated settlements in place that your company can afford. Fuselier is a lot more cost efficient than filing for bankruptcy. Our services can help you regain financial stability, avoid bankruptcy and retake control of your company.

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    How We're Different from Debt Consolidation

    Debt consolidation, also known as loan consolidation, is the process in which one loan is obtained to pay off many debts. Debt consolidation is usually employed to secure a smaller or fixed interest rate across multiple company debt obligations. In this scenario, a business still pays all the principle owed on current debts in addition to interest on the loan taken out. The only savings realized with debt consolidation is the money saved on the lower or fixed interest rate.

    There are circumstances when debt consolidation makes sense. For example, if a company currently has a reliable cash flow and a good financial position, but they have multiple loans with varying interest rates, then consolidating those loans to obtain one lower interest rate would be beneficial.

    However, if your company is suffering from a diminishing cash flow and cannot keep up with regular monthly bills, commercial debt reduction is a better solution.

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    We partner with a boutique lending broker that has been successful at sourcing funding for our clients to use either toward a settlement agreement, operating capital, or other areas of need. In a little over 18 months, they have successfully secured approximately $820,000 for our clients.

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    I would like to extend my appreciation to your company and staff for settling our $19,000.00 lawsuit for $7,000.00, which resulted in a savings of 62%.  I am very pleased with the services you provided us, your professionalism and expertise was well displayed with the way you handled our account.  I would definitely recommend your company to anyone that is experiencing a cash flow problem!

    Controller/TreasurerMinistry, Georgia