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Jason Fuselier Interviewed by Stu Taylor

Jason Fuselier, Director of Business Development at Fuselier & Associates, was interviewed last month by nationally syndicated radio talkshow host Stu Taylor about how we help businesses around the country resolve their debt issues. Taylor is host to three business radio shows: Equity Strategies on the Business Talk Radio Network, Equity Strategies on the Radio […]

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Fuselier & Associates Profiled by Superb Crew

We were recently profiled by Superb Crew, a business and technology online publication. They asked us about how we help our clients resolve their commercial debt, our goals for the next few months and more. You can read the article here. At Fuselier, we negotiate solutions that work for our clients, oftentimes saving them thousands of dollars. […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Stack Merchant Capital Advances

What is Stacking? Stacking is the act of accepting multiple cash advances at the same time or prior to one cash advance being paid in full. Thus, the borrower must make payments to multiple lenders. Usually it means that several daily ACH drafts are taken out of the borrower’s bank account each day. The Dangers […]

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What Is a Merchant Capital Advance and Is It Right for You?

What is a Merchant Capital Advance? A merchant capital advance (MCA), also called a merchant cash advance, is not considered a loan, but rather an advance based upon future revenues from credit card sales a business produces. Essentially, a business sells a portion of their future credit card revenue sales to acquire capital immediately. A […]

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What is a Confession of Judgment?

What is a Confession of Judgment? A confession of judgment (COJ) is a written agreement signed by the defendant where the defendant acknowledges the liability and amount of damages that has been agreed to. It is a way to circumvent normal court proceedings and due process in order to sidestep the long litigation process that […]

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What Type of Business Debt Should You Pay First?

The Least Effective Option One of the questions we are asked the most when talking to a business that is having debt issues is the question of which type of debt to address first. Of course, the ideal answer is all of them. Unfortunately in times of debt, financial situations do not allow for this and the […]

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Why Should You Work With Fuselier?

What are your options for resolving a mounting debt? Most people believe that they need to seek the help of an attorney, but having an attorney guide you through the process of getting your debt under control is expensive and not always the most effective way of handling it. Attorneys are not specifically versed in handling […]

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The Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Debt

Secured Debt To define a secured debt, we need to first define collateral. Collateral is something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, and is forfeited in the event of a default on the loan. A secured debt is any debt that is backed with collateral. Types of secured debt include company vehicles or machinery, a mortgage on […]

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What is a judgment, and how do you resolve it?

Are you facing a judgment or have you been threatened with one by a creditor? A judgment is a decision made by a court that details which parties are liable for what damages. In other words, it determines who is responsible for paying back the debt. Judgments are entered into public record and can present your business with […]

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What happens if you ignore mounting debt?

Business owners struggling to pay down their commercial debts often ask if there are consequences to ignoring the growing debt or the harassing debt collector calls. And while it may seem easier (and within your rights) to simply ignore the problem and rebuff your debt collectors, the debt never goes away. In fact, the process continues on, […]

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The 11 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make That Lead to Debt

It is not uncommon for business owners to make costly mistakes that ultimately lead to debt. However, businesses usually fail to recognize that they are making these mistakes until it is too late and they are carrying a significant debt load and potentially facing a lawsuit (or several) over their delinquent debts. The key to […]

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Why Hiring a Debt Attorney is Not Always the Best Way to Handle a Debt Suit

Many people think that once they are sued over a debt that they owe, their only option is to seek the help of an attorney. While a debt attorney can be helpful in certain cases, they are usually not the best option for handling a debt suit—nor are they the least costly. A debt attorney generally […]

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10 Things To Do To Prevent Being Sued Over a Delinquent Debt

As a business owner, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t keep up with your bills, it is important to reevaluate. Delinquent debt can quickly get out of hand, and you could find yourself being sued. Difficult to work with creditors and debt collectors will be more aggressive in recovering the outstanding […]

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We have employed Fuselier & Associates on several occasions to help us manage our accounts payable. They do what they say, get the job done, and have performed beyond our expectations. Dr. Jean and his team truly became associates.

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